About Us

University Jewish Chaplaincy works with Jewish students and universities across the country to enhance the Jewish student experience and safeguard Jewish university life. Our Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples are there for all Jewish students to provide a warm, non-judgmental, vibrant, inclusive and inspiring Jewish environment.

Message from Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Since becoming Chief Rabbi I have been engaging with Jewish students on campuses throughout the UK. I am ever amazed at the dedication and enthusiasm that the Chaplains show, these husband and wife teams are really a lifeline to so many students at university. Often going about their daily work quietly and devotedly, with little fanfare, our Chaplains provide care and support to Jewish students during their crucial years at university away from their families. During this time of personal growth, upheaval and change, the Student Chaplain provides a vital connection to all that is Jewish and familiar. For every Jewish student from every possible background, the Student Chaplain is that essential link between the students and the Jewish community, a welcome friend offering a warm meal, an officially recognised liaison between the university and the Jewish students, support and guidance and a help to counter anti-Jewish activity on campus. Our Student Chaplains also offer Shabbat hospitality and, for many, their home becomes a home away from home.

The Jewish Student Chaplain’s reach is vast, his remit complex and his achievements many. I am proud to give University Jewish Chaplaincy my wholehearted support for the important work they do and to wish them continued success in all their outstanding endeavours.