Thu, 11/24/2016 - 15:05 -- jewishchaplain
A key role for Jewish Chaplaincy at Reshet Annual Gathering

Sophie Dunoff, Chief Operating Officer of University Jewish Chaplaincy, was “honoured” to chair the second Annual Gathering for Reshet, the Network for Jewish Youth Provision. The organisation was set up two years ago by the UJIA and JLC and is run by Chief Executive Shelley Marsh.  

Taking place on 8 November at Wac Arts the lively evening for creative listening, learning and sharing ideas included a session with University Jewish Chaplaincy’s Tracey Rosenfeld-Schueler from Oxford.

Addressing the 120-strong audience, Sophie Dunoff explored “the slightly abstract term of creativity… by thinking and talking to people about what creativity really means, I realised that not a day passes me by when I don’t have to think creatively.”

Commenting on the Reshet gathering, Ms. Dunoff added: “It gave us a chance to come together and pool our experiences and knowledge, empowering us to step away from default systems and encourage us to seek out new options and ideas.”

The evening featured an inter-generational conversation between student Zoom Rockman, creative director Malcolm Green and educator Nic Abery; and instillations by contemporary young artists were on display.

“Meeting, together, face-to-face is the best way to forge relationships, build connections and learn creatively from each other,” said Shelley Marsh.