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Wherever you are - enjoy Pesach on campus!

This year is a little different on campus- as the late occurence of the Festival means more students will be on campus for at least some of the festival.

Whether you need help selling your chametz, or want to eat meals at your chaplain's home the guide below should help you on your way. In order to aid your chaplains please do rsvp asap so that they can make appropriate provisions. Have a wonderful Pesach on campus!


Birmingham and West Midlands

Contact Rabbi Fishel Cohen by 18th April if you would like a 'sale of chametz' form or would like home hospitality over the first few days of yom tov or want to order ready-made Kosher-for-Passover meals. E: [email protected]. m: 07771 653 717


Rabbi Avi and Laurie Rosten will be hosting both sedarim, yom tov meals, and weeknight dinners.  They will also be providing packed lunches during the week. Please sign up asap using this link: https://docs.google.com/a/mychaplaincy.co.uk/forms/d/1u2ok6nXOvR7GNZs2i5qkwUC1rRJAZCXZzcu6swlvtBg/viewform?ths=true&edit_requested=true


Rabbi Yisrael and Elisheva Malkiel will be hosting both sedarim their house: 
Times are: Friday April 22nd at 20:30, Saturday 23rd at 21:30
They are also hosting all other meals
For booking please get in touch: [email protected] or 07916139974
Daily meals are provided by JSoc during chol hamoed. 
The Malkiels are also supporting students in getting their houses kosher for pesach, and selling chametz. 


Leeds and Yorkshire

Rabbi Eli and Rivka Magzimof are happy to invite you to join them for Pesach meals. They we will be hosting meals every day, including a fancy BBQ on Friday lunch!


Please sign up asap: http://goo.gl/forms/UAcJsAAyiw


They will also deliver hot meals during the week days of Pesach to York!




Rabbi Broder will be facilitating 'Sale of Chametz' for all those who need. Students should contact  him [email protected] to receive a form. 

Likewise, students who need meals over Yom Tov should email him.




Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag will facilitate hospitality for those who need a Seder in Manchester and he also has sale of chametz forms. 

He is also doing a special Pesach lunch on campus on Tuesday chol hamoed, 26th April, at 12:30 at St. Peter's House at the Manchester University Chaplaincy building. 

E: [email protected]




Both nights of student sedarim will be at the OJC in Oxford. Booking is already closed. Subsequent meals will be at OJC for the duration of Pesach.

Chaplains will be bringing lunch to students as well during chol ha'moed for a mataza crunch lunch. For further details contact your chaplains [email protected] and [email protected]



Rabbi Aaron and Miriam Lipsey are offering sedarim and meals to any students that wish to join them in their Newcastle home. Because of the distance to Durham  they are also offering seder packs to be distributed down there and arranging meals for every night of Chol Hamoed.

E: [email protected]



Yossi and Sarah Bodenheim will be giving out pre- Pesach packages with matza and some more goodies, in St.Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

They will also be selling chametz for anyone interested.

They will be hosting the first seder in  their house in Glasgow, and over Chol Hamoed we will be travelling on Tuesday to St.Andrews for a Matza Lunch; and On Wednesday to Edinburgh for a matza lunch.

They will be hosting second day yom tov meals for anyone who wants.

E: [email protected]