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Our Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples cater their events for many different crowds around the country. They have one off social events around the Jewish and student calendars from ‘Welcome to Campus’ events to Chanukah parties to summer BBQs. They host Shabbat and Festival meals as well as midweek meals, endless coffees and visits to the pub! They join and support the Jewish Societies in their events and regularly meet students on a 1:1 basis and be there as ‘the people to go to’ if they have any problems.

They run weekly classes and sessions where they teach and learn anything from Jewish Thought to Talmud and very often – sometimes at the same time - will combine these with a fun event such as cupcake decorating, making pizzas, different arts and crafts – the list is endless – and always involve food and/or drink!

With the variety of events and classes our Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples hope to provide for everyone.

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