Each Chaplaincy region is different from one another and has specific requirements. Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples are strategically selected, placed and trained to meet the needs of each region.

We like to think of it as a shidduch (Yiddish for arranged marriage)!

Cambridge & East Anglia

Chaplaincy couple: Rabbi Mordechai Zeller & Lea Taragin-Zeller

Rabbi Mordechai Zeller & Lea Taragin-Zeller are the Jewish Chaplains for Cambridge and East Anglia universities. They have three children: Kol David, Raz Adama and Elana Almaya.

Mordechai is a wannabe mystic, shofar master and passionate storyteller. If you have an interesting family story – he would love to hear all about it!

Before coming to Cambridge, Mordechai taught Jewish Mysticism, Zohar and Chassidut at Yeshivat Maale Gilboa. Mordechai also worked as a clinical psychologist at a local mental health clinic.

Lea is an avid feminist, compulsive list-maker and has a thing for gospel music. She dreams of starting a Jewish-gospel choir (perhaps at 3TL…?).

Prior to Cambridge, Lea taught Gender and Jewish Philosophy at Midreshet Ein Hanatsiv. She has also been pursuing a PhD degree in social anthropology at Hebrew University. This year she will also be a visiting graduate student at Newnham College.


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