Each Chaplaincy region is different from one another and has specific requirements. Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples are strategically selected, placed and trained to meet the needs of each region.

We like to think of it as a shidduch (Yiddish for arranged marriage)!

Nottingham & East Midlands

Chaplaincy couple: Rabbi Dvir Baris & Pe'er Baris

This year in Nottingham we are very excited to welcome Rabbi Dvir and Pe’er Baris (Barnea)! Born and raised in Jerusalem they are a delightful young couple who love making sushi, baking challah, skiing and hiking. They will be living in the heart of ‘student land’ and will bring with them a passion for Israel and its history: Pe’er worked at the Tower of David museum in Jerusalem while completing a degree in History and Christianity. Dvir served in the IDF as a tank platoon commander prior to completing his rabbinical studies. Dvir and Pe’er have a lot of new ideas for events and are very excited to get started making a difference to students’ lives!



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