Each Chaplaincy region is different from one another and has specific requirements. Chaplains and Chaplaincy couples are strategically selected, placed and trained to meet the needs of each region.

We like to think of it as a shidduch (Yiddish for arranged marriage)!

South Coast

Chaplaincy couple: Yoseph Citron & Rachael Citron

In the South Coast this year we have Yoseph and Rachel Citron acting as our Brighton fieldworkers. Since getting married two years ago the couple have lived in Brighton, so have a brilliant working knowledge of the university landscape. Yoseph a graduate of Manchester University is studying for a PHD in Jewish Mysticism in the 18th Century whilst Rachel went to Leeds University and is a biochemist. Both are graduates of British universities and have been involved with University Jewish Chaplaincy on campus before. They are an exciting young couple who are excited about the opportunity to meet and work with the Brighton Jewish student community. 

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