Young Chaplaincy

Young Chaplaincy is a new initiative, reconnecting recent graduates and young professional with University Jewish Chaplaincy. For decades Jewish students have, in their local chaplains, found a surrogate home, and a resource that plays an integral role in local Jewish student life. This initiatve seeks to keep graduates involved with Chaplaincy beyond the end of their university experience, and in the longer-term, secure the future of Chaplaincy for the benefit of all Jewish students. For details of events, E:[email protected]



The committee has already hosted a fabulous launch party, with 150 people coming to a Friday night dinner. In early September the was a  cinema event at JW3.

Next event is Sushi making on April 12.

To meet other Chaplaincy alumni, and participate in engaging and fun events, all for a good cause, go to T:YoungChaplaincy, F:youngchaplaincy or email [email protected]